Picture of the Day: Fortune Cookie - Long Buckby, Northamptonshire [2016]

On this day, in 2016, Mrs Gnomepants V2.0 and I went for a succulent Chinese meal  at the Dynasty in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire. At the end of the meal,  they bring your bill with some fortune cookies. Which is nice. However,  as Mrs Gnomepants v2.0 is allergic to dairy and fortune cookies contain  milk I ended up with two. 

These are the messages within.


Picture of the Day: Celebrity Ferret, Tewkesbury [2017]

Then there was this one time when we went to the annual medieaval  fayre thing they have at Tewkesbury and we were wandering about looking  at the various stalls and things. Then Zoe cries "Aww look at the  ferrets" so we went to the ferret stall where Zoe paid to go and handle  the ferrets.

It was so cute. I took photos and a film.

But  then typically we were photobombed by flouncy flowery ponce interior  designer Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen. The ferret is the one in Zoe's hands,  the flamboyant Jason King impressionist behind her is Bowen.


Picture of the Day: Bloxham Steam Fair 2014, Bloxham [2014]

Sometimes I like to turn my pictures into little videos. I've been doing  this since about 2008 when I learned how to do it while doing a degree in Television Production. At least it makes me feel like it was  worthwhile eh?

Anyway, here is a collection of photos taken today in 2014 at the Steam  Fair in Bloxham. Although I go to a lot of steam fairs I do not own an  anorak nor do I enjoy flasks of weak lemon drink.


Picture of the Day: The Green Man Of Brierley, Brierley, Barnsley, UK [2007]

Long term readers might remember Mrs Gnomepants V1.0 was a multitalented artist, but if you are new, this will probably be news.

This is the Green Man, taken today in 2007, which Mrs Gnomepants V1.0 sculpted out of clay for our second house, the one in Barnsley. It is a hollow plant pot holder with an entry on the top which you can't see from this angle. We coated him in yogurt before putting him outside so that the moss would grow over his face.The idea was that he would age through time and become greener and greener with the moss and his ivy hair would  add to the effect.

I don't know what he looks like now but I'm sure he's doing well.