The Quiet Earth

The Quiet Earth (1985)
The Quiet Earth (1985)

Far from being the last man on Earth, it has been interesting observing the comings and goings of local people over the past couple of days. 

Mrs Gnomepants and I discussed how easy this sort of situation could be used to commit terrible crimes such as murder, body disposal or milk theft. Few witnesses, ease of access to places where discoveries wont be made for a while etc. We also mentioned how literature tropes may now change, indeed, the idea of a sitcom came to mind where a couple who meet for a one-night stand end up quarantined together in a flat. Oh the possibilities.

Following the purchase of Dan Toombs' The Curry Guy, I have been rediscovering my love of homemade curries. Sadly the lack of shops delivering to our rural homestead (those who are more vulnerable/closer to the depot taking priority) means that I am left with the ingredients we have. Already planning using the weird gnarled carrot I found under the dresser in the kitchen, the aged frozen venison mince we have had in our freezer since 2010 BCE and the mysterious bag of frozen "meat. It will just be like going to an actual curry house. 


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