Potassium Hydroxide

I've really lost track of time. I could have sworn it was June. Maybe Wednesday. Saturday? 2024? 6pm on a Tuesday?

Three Saturdays ago, or was it Friday, I can't quite remember, I made a curry as per my last entry. It was bloody good. Sadly I used the last of the garlic, the last of the cumin and the last of the Mohicans so now its doubtful I'll be able to make any more despite having all the curry gravy in the world. I had enough left over though, so I had it for my lunch the next Saturday, or was it Saturday just gone. I can't remember. Feels like Saturday today so maybe it was the other week.

Yesterday, it felt like Saturday. I'm not sure. I seem to remember in times passed there being other days in the week, like Wednesday, Friday, Christmasday and Birthday. It seemed to be a Saturday anyway. So to celebrate I ordered a pizza. Usually I have the leftovers for breakfast the next day, which I'm sure should have been a Sunday, but as it was Saturday again, it made a nice change. 

Then today, Saturday, weird thing, the analogue clocks in the house were all an hour slow when all the digital computer clocks seemed to be correct. I thought the time change happened on the last Sunday in March, but it's Saturday right? March, not February? Or maybe I missed it. 

As it seems it will be Saturday tomorrow, I'm hoping to catch some Tiswas in the morning and a bacon sandwich for lunch as is the tradition of Saturdays. Maybe even the pools results on Grandstand in the afternoon. Or was Saturday the day before Saturday? Or maybe next Saturday will be Thursday.


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