Picture of the Day - Spot the Cat - Leamington Spa [2011]

Spot the cat
Spot the cat

Often, these days, we take photographs without thinking. What or who is the subject? What is the event I am trying to capture? Where was it taken? Fortunately, most modern fancy pants cameras come with geolocating metadata and record the time the photograph was taken. 

In the past, when timestamps were just a gimmick and geolocation data an unknown concept, we would nip to Fotoprocessing or Max Speilman and get our roll of 24 photos processed. We would then sometimes look through the pictures and try and work out what, why and how we took some of the photos. So when you look through your old photographs you often see pictures like that one above.

These days though, especially if you're a yungun you'll probably flup through your digital pictures deleting those you have no interest in keeping or having people see. I'm not a yungun so, as you will see over the next few posts, I tend to keep all my accidental photos.

Today's photos depicts the downstairs next door neighbour's back garden when I lived in the flat in Leamington Spa (see Loft Thing). You can see how much of a bunch of wurzels they were from the bizarre CD on a string contraption and the decaying plastic garden furniture, the stolen municipal works plastic fencing and the rat box set against an unkempt garden area. I seem to recall that the red fencing was an area where the neighbours kept chickens which would often attract rodents from the adjacent arable fields.

Anyway, I think I took this picture because of the cat. It was unusual to see cats other than Quincy and Maddy in the area and taking a photograph of the cat seemed like a good idea. Perhaps it was so I could show people there were other cats in the area.


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