Lovely Day

It was such a lovely day today I thought I’d nip out for a walk in  the delightful countryside that South Yorkshire has to offer. My  destination of choice was the delightful Langsett Reservoir near  Barnsley/Sheffield.

Langset near Barnsley in South Yorkshire 

The sun was out, the sky was blue. I didn’t have a care and I wasn’t blue. It wasn’t raining. Raining in my heart.

Langsett  Reservoir is owned by Yorkshire water and there are many permissive  paths. But me not being someone to stick to the boring old main track  decided to follow my nose and take a well trod side path to see where it  went. And I’m bloody glad that I did.

After  crossing a very busy road I was soon walking through a lovely peaceful  forest. Not a soul about. Lots of little birdies and squirrels foraging  about. Nature can be so inspiring sometimes.

Part of me  had decided that I had to do this today because I have gotten a bit fat  lately. This is partly down to having a lot of stress from finishing  this bloody Media degree of mine.

Another part of me  wanted to take photographs because out side the hustle and bustle of  urban life, the countryside is the only place left that I feel like I am  not intruding or being strange when I brandish my camera. 

There  was a stream running through the forest. I couldn’t see it because it  was hidden under lots of undergrowth but I could hear it. As I rounded a  corner I could see a bridge. I crossed this and discovered a lovely  peaceful little glade where I could sit for a while and reflect on my  future.

After  a while some walkers approached from the other direction. We exchanged  greetings (why is it that in the countryside people always say “hello”  but in cities the same people would just ignore you?) and they told me  that they were enjoying their walk especially as they had not seen  anyone else all day.

 The path split once more. A higher one that crossed the top of a cliff  face and a lower one that only went a short distance toward a wall. I  took the higher one which led me through another bit of forest and onto a  landscape that could have placed me in any of the wooly wild locations  in England. 

Nothing but trees, rolling hills, sheep and scree. Not a soul around. Perfect for reflection and soul searching.

Stepping  over a dead sheep I realised that I was miles away from anywhere.  Worse, I had very little battery left in my mobile phone. Fortunately I  had thought to check the map before I left just to give me a rough idea  of which direction I should head to return to my car. I had been walking  by this time, for over an hour.

The  sun was beating my face and the path depressingly headed up a very  steep hill. Beneath me I could see a river winding its way from the peak  district bound for the sea.

At the top of the hill I could see a  farm house. I was reluctant to pass through the field of bunny rabbits  as it kind of looked like private property. Closer inspection revealed  that this was a completely abandoned farm holding. With cattle sheds,  sheep dips and live stock holdings. Nobody lived there now except for  the many many startled rabbits. Even so, I walked through gingerly for  fear of waking a dead farmer zombie or being accosted by some inbred  family of mutants bent on making me their father. But in reality I was  many miles away from Grimethorpe so this was unlikely to happen.

Once  through the farm I headed up the path which in turn headed up the most  demonic gradient I’ve seen outside of Scotland. The winding path lead me  to a lone standing stone. The view from around there was amazing. I  could see the windmills out near Penistone. I could see the hills and  forests for miles. I truely was in the middle of nowhere. But what  worried me most was the fact that I did not have much battery left in my  phone and in the distance, angry black clouds floated in the sky like  water filled bin bags. 

 I’d just taken this picture of a vividly green tree when the  unthinkable happened. My battery died. Miles from anywhere, no phone. No  people. "Stuff it!" I thought and I carried on walking. 

I  wasn’t too worried as I was so chilled out and calm. I also knew that  following the path would take me straight back to my car. It took me a  good hour further to walk there.

I sat in my car just in  time for PM on Radio 4. The roar of civilisation zooming past me in  trucks, cars and on motorcycles. Nothing to bring you back to earth than  Norbert Dentrassangle hurtling past noisly at 60mph. 

A good day. :-)


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