Picture of the Day - Sundial, Farnborough Hall, UK [2017]

A Sundial - so poor people who didn't own a clock could tell the time.
A Sundial - so poor people who didn't own a clock could tell the time.

A great thing to do in the UK when you're absolutely stinking rich  and still living in the massive family home but you don't want to spend  money on maintainence, is to gift the home to the National Trust on the  condition that you only open to the public for the minimum amount of  days allowed as per conditions agreed. This way you can continue to live  in faux luxury and still feel like you're something special as you pomp  your way around the village and talking with a mouth full of plums.

The  National Trust own many properties up and down the UK and many are a  wealth of fine architecture and landscaping. It's often interesting to  see how, because God made our ancestors poor, we should live in abject  poverty and slavery while those born wealthy or who built their empires  on the backs of the poor could have massive luxurious manses in remote  parts of the country - safe from the possibility of actually seeing the  effects of poverty while also stocking the cupboards with the finest  crops and meats farmed on your own land by the local poor farmer who was  "thankful for being poor God bless ya me lord" if you ever asked him.

In  2017 I was fortunate to visit Farnbourough Hall in Warwickshire on one  of its rare opening days and see the living room and grounds of the hall  while being watched hawk like by the owners in case I over stepped  their boundaries. There's nothing quite like being made to feel like a  shop lifter in someone's house. Anyway, I did manage to take some lovely  photos of the perfectly manicured and maintained gardens that my  National Trust membership paid for. But this one was my favourite and  makes me thankful to God that I am poor.


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