Picture of the Day: Winch - Porth Ysgo, North Wales [2019]

This picture is mine. Of a mine.
This picture is mine. Of a mine.

100 years ago the coast around the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales was a  hive of industry. Parts of the area was dotted with manganese mines and  associated shipping docks and winch houses.  It's hard to imagine what  it was like as these days it is an area of serenity and eerie beauty  peppered with these industrial remains.

The winch you see in today's picture would have brought manganse ore  from the mines in buckets and then down to the waiting boat below the  cliffs behind the photographer. Although the photographer, me, wasn't  born when this was a working winch and when I took the photograph, there was no ship waiting.

The building you can just see to the right was probably the office of  the foreman who would have kept an eye on the winch workings incase of a  problem. Now abandoned to the elements, spiders and sheep, it's quite a  draughty building now but the view hasn't changed.

Mine. The picture, not the mine.
Mine. The picture, not the mine.


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