Picture of the Day: Laburnum Arch, Unknown, UK [2015]

Pergola in yellow
Pergola in yellow

When I was a child in the UK, laburnums seemed to be everywhere.  Trees in domestic and ornamental public gardens would bloom a vibrant  yellow every year. The annual display looked lovely and would add  further enjoyment of the garden to gardeners and visitors. 

Then,  sometime in the mid-nineties, around about the same time as the campaign  to identify all lone males as potential child sex pests began, a  paranoid parent announced to the world that laburnum was poisonous and  could kill little children. So began the terrible genocide and  eradication of the laburnum in the UK and the lovely trees were cut down  to make way for hot tubs, decking and patios - because having weird  back garden sex parties in full view of the neighbours, drowning your  sacrificial victim and burying them under the patio or decking is a much  better alternative than having to tell little Johnny not to put the  poisonous seed pods in their gobs. You wouldn't want to hinder a child's  self expression would you? 

Years passed and with the thinning of  the laburnum they became an almost unfamiliar sight in the UK to such  an extent that when I saw one on my travels growing over a lovely  pergola I forgot to enable my phone's GPS and the location of the said  laburnum has been lost to time and memory. 

They are lovely though.


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