Picture of the Day: Pies!, Honley Show, West Yorkshire, UK [2007]

When we were allowed outside, at this time of the year county shows  and festivals would be popping up all over the UK ,indeed, some of these  fairs have been going for many years others, like Hollowell, relatively  less. Prior to my visit the the Honley show in 2007 I had only really  been to the St Helens Show, the Liverpool Show and the Woolton Show all  of which kind of died out in the eighties and nineties having become  more trade and commercially orientated than their beginnings.

Back  then, being a social media content maker and wandering round filming  with your phone out wasn't as common place as it is now and, of course,  back then there were fewer platforms to publish your output. Mine was  (and to some extent still is) Livejournal. However, these limitations  didnt stop me and so, I walked around the show taking all manner of  pictures including this one, which became the main header image for a  project I worked on at University some time later. 

I also noted  how few of the stall owners seemed to have websites to promote their  wares. Being a big local food enthusiast I was keen to try and help  promote the businesses through my Muckybadger  website and dreamed about publishing my own local food enthusiast  magazine, tv and radio show and website. Then life and mortgages  got in  the way and other people got there before me..... 

Thirteen years later, many of the businesses I saw at the Honely Show have gone, though some, including Crusy Pies  are still going (indeed I saw them at Hollowell last year!). It also  brings home how many small businesses rely on shows and festivals for  their income and I am concerned about how many will survive this years'  blanket show ban. However, it is refreshing to see that, virus  quarantine aside, county and country shows are still popular and  hopefully, when we are allowed outside once more, many of the annual  shows will return.

If you are a regular subscriber you can read how crap my pre-university writing was about the show here where there are more pictures.


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