Picture of the Day: Desk, Liverpool [2004]

Todays picture is another desk of hidden objects (not too disimilar to the one posted last month).  This time the picture is of my desk in the new build house in Liverpool. I probably  took this for a meme that was popular on Livejournal. It's interesting  to see many of the items on display and especially those just out of  shot that I know what they are but it would be doubtful if you knew.

Can you spot:

  • The spent concert ticket for Yes
  • Photograph of me pretending to be old 
  • A badger
  • A badger on a hat
  • A dragon finger puppet
  • An original Windows OS mobile phone 
  • The bottom of a gobstopper machine
  • The speakers and base unit of a really good stereo
  • A telephone


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