Picture of the Day: "Camouflage", Loughborough, Leicestershire [2011]

Believe it or not, there is a man standing in this picture. It may  look like a harmless artistic photograph of a grassy bank with a metal  pipe sticking out of it but if you look....really'll  see....there is a man dressed as a World War II German soldier. Can you  see him now? 

This was taken in 2011 when Zoe and I visited the  Great Central Railway's World War 2 Weekend which, until this year, has  happened annually. Volunteers, reenactors and enthusiasts recreate the  Second World War at the stations along the heritage line there. Each  station dressed as different stages - Evacuation Britain, Allied Camp at  Normandy, Battle ground and Occupied France. Its such an educational,  enjoyable and fun visual experience and comes wholly recommended.

Great Central Railway 

What I wrote about the day back then 


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