Picture of the Day: Coke Head, Monkton, South Yorkshire, UK


There was a time when the skyline in Yorkshire was peppered with  sights such as this. Pit heads everywhere as industry stripped the seams  of coal to power the country and industry. Now, only a few mines remain  and most of them are open cast, looking nothing like the one in the  photo. 

That said, the pit heads of the colliery we see in the  picture above were, at the time, not functioning either. Today's  picture, taken in 2010, shows Monkton Colliery Coke Works and the  chimney stacks chucking out the smoke show the only evidence what the  site was actively producing - coke. Though not the drinking or snorting kind, the kind used in smelting and power generation

I  regularly drove past the coke works when I lived in the area and I  still remember the nasty smells and weird yellow tinge everywhere seemed  to have. The closer to the stacks you got the yellower and smellier the  atmosphere and surroundings. Who knows what it was doing to your lungs?  


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