Question Time

Mrs Gnomepants V2.0   does a thing where she poses herself a daily question daily on a doily before going dolally on her Livejournal  and has suggested on numerous occasions that this is an activity I should consider. 

As it is the first day of a new year and the annual "I must write in my diary/livejournal/blog/podcast/underwear every day for a few days then forget and completely give up mid way" festival I thought I'd give it a go. 

Today's question — What’s one question you hate being asked?

Is anyone sitting there? — Yes it's Mr Invisible- fuck off. If you want the chair, ask "Please may I have this chair if nobody is using it?" instead or perhaps "Please may I sit there?" . This question highlights that I am often alone or perhaps I look like the type of person who would be on their own.  Often it results in the chair being taken away — meaning that I will be eventually sat in a sea of emptiness or in a mishapen row of chairs or it will result in being asked to move to accomodate a group of people who simply must sit together on pain of death. 


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