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The Existential Compost

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2nd February 2005

The culture of NOW @ 14:55

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Date:2nd February 2005 07:21 (UTC)

reply to this post REPLY NOW!!!!!111!132

I think that because we are so comfortable with our "luxuries on tap" lifestyle the "I'm too busy to wait!" attitude is on the rise.

I came to exactly the same conclusion while working in fast food. If people had to wait even three minutes, they would get upset. And how angry they would be if they had to wait 10! 10 minutes out of your measley day for a bit of food will NOT KILL YOU. There are people in the world who starve for WEEKS and THEY are still alive!

Also, I think it's caffeine. Everyone's so doped up on caffeine that they're hyperactive. *sips his coffee* Fuckers.
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Date:2nd February 2005 07:27 (UTC)

Re: reply to this post REPLY NOW!!!!!111!132

Yeah!!! Caffine Junky Fuckers!!

Indeed, I'd not thought really about the fast food side of things. I would be ever so miffed if my KFC Bargain Bucket (yes ALL FOR ME!!! MUHAAHAHAHAHAHA) was not in front of me within the 3 minutes of me ordering it but if I was in a top class resturant and only had to wait 3 minutes for something similar, lets say Breast of seasoned chicken on a bed of pommes de frits, I'd probably mumble something about my meal being shoved in a microwave and reheated instead of being freshly prepared. Its funny how the now culture works......

The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour