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So, angelhands and I went to the corporate beast that is Testicles (Tescos) last night in the vain attempt to get a packet of Ryvita "Cardboard Munchies". Of course we are incapable of going in for one item so a basket load and a stegzy handful later we a left slightly poorer than before.

Anyway, as usual we had heightened discussions about money saving things and cutting back on fatty foods and stuff in an effort to eat healthier and I pondered about how much of the stuff Tescticles actually sells that has either too much fat, too much salt, environmentally unfriendly, evil (in the case of containing parsnips, olives or whole eggs), is a complete rip off or just down right unnecessary.

Fruit, veg and meat. Thats all I really need. Organic of course and free range in the case of meat.

Everything else, the hot cooked sausages, the crisps (potato chips), the yummy pies, the premade convenient sandwiches, the yummy looking puddings and cakes, the tins and jars of cook-in sauces and stuff, the butter, the cheese on the cheese counter, the pizzas, the beers and stuff....unnecessary...and possibly laced with some kind of addictive substance. Yet they call you from the trolley park...their sirenical cries beckoning "Eat me and eat me...." Those of weak will power, like myself, are susceptible and quickly succumb to filling trolley or basket with a plethora of goods both unrequired and most likely bad health wise.

Aware of our dangerous situation with regard to supermarket shopping angelhands and I try to shop at independent stores such as the farm shop, Home and Bargain and Christians Fruit & Veg in Bold Street were the choice is limited yet somehow more varied than the supermarket. However, being children of the NOW culture we sometimes demand instant sustenance, require convenience or the need arises to obtain something that the local shops dont stock (eg Ryvita) and succumb to a trip to the Chippy or the Supermarket. Which normally ends in heated debates, getting in from work late, spending more money than necessary and depression at having to see all the lovely things we can't/shouldn't be eating.

So I propose a system of blinkers....similar to what horses have...when entering a supermarket...One would wear them similar to spectacles then navigate to the location of ones chosen good that the local shops do not stock (as in the way of Ryvita "Cardboard box flavor" things) by some kind of sixth sense or by being led by someone that is immune to the charms of the Scilla and Charybdis that is supermarkets. Of course this need further study to be the meantime....Caveat Emptor.....

Caveat Emptor....
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