May 4th, 2012


Cold and tired

I'm shattered. I've been driving around Leicester for the best part of a week. I'm not used to big city driving any more and Leicester is just a horrible mess of busy roads. Yesterday I did 3 loops of the circular road looking for somewhere to park that didn't cost a fortune. Ended up parking in High Cross and walking the 2 miles to my destination. Cost me £5 for 4 hours. Then today I found somewhere nearer my destination....£3.20 for 12 hours. Enjoying the job for once though.

I'm also cold. I'm kind of hoping that zoefruitcake will offer to run into the bedroom and get my ganzee off the little chair that Quincy likes to sit on.


A system where you are automatically banned from licenced premises and you have to opt in to have the ban removed. To protect the children from the perils of alcohol.

A system where you are forbidden from buying fast food and you have to sign a special agreement that allows you to have a burger. To protect the children from poor diets

A system where you are unable to access websites unless you specifically ask your ISP for permission. Protecting children from things they shouldn't see.

Children. You have them. It's your responsibility to manage them.