February 16th, 2013


Printing Pleasure

A while back I bought a number for my Skype account with the intention of using it for my own little freelancy bit of mediaocracy. All has been well. Nobody ever seemed to call me but I kept it going incase someone wanted to call.

Then about 3 months ago, I started to get regular calls. I was bemused. Who were these people? Perhaps they were looking for business. I'd reverse look up the caller's ID and find out where they were calling from. Some seemed like businesses others just ordinary mobile numbers. Weird I thought. So I set up a voice mail and sure enough, people who called started leaving messages. Turned out that the caller was asking about printer cartridges. Weird. I thought. Maybe they had mistaken Media Services for Print Media. But then the calls started to become more and more frequent.

One day I was able to answer one of these calls directly. You see, I have my Skype forwarded to my mobile just in case someone on Skype wants to get hold of me urgently so I was able to answer and find out what the caller wanted. After a short conversation it turned out that Printing Pleasure, a company dealing with printer ink cartridges had been advertising on-line, Ebay and Amazon mostly, with my number as their contact number!

So I did what anyone nice would do. First I asked the callers wanting to buy print cartridges to send Printing Pleasure an email through Ebay and tell them about the mistake. The callers said they would. As far as I know, they did.

But still the callers persisted. The number of callers for Printing Pleasure grew.

So I googlefooed my number and found out Printing Pleasure's email address for myself. I sent them a message. I got no reply. I called. No reply. I even popped by their business premises. Boarded up and gone away. Sounds like a cowboy operation to me.

My googlefoo brought up a few leads. Further Printing Pleasure details appeared on Amazon. So I contacted them directly through Amazon. This time I got a reply! I said, "Look mate, you're using the wrong number online, sort it out!". They said, "Yeah sorry, we'll sort it out".

And gradually the calls for Printing Pleasure abated.

Then the calls for Printing Pleasure started again. The callers became abusive and increased in frequency. I stopped the call divert to my mobile and left an answer phone greeting. Still the callers persist.

So this is what I am going to do. These callers are looking for Printing Pleasure. Printing Pleasure have a very high status on EBay and on Amazon. Well....soon they will be getting poor feedback. I am going to redirect the calls to my Skype number for Printing Pleasure back to my mobile. When someone calls....I'm going to say "Fuck off, my print cartridges are full of shit and so are you. Suck my cock" and then I'm going to disconnect the call. I will then watch as the Printing Pleasure feedback goes into negative numbers.

I might even  see if I can forward the call to a sex chat line...or something....

Music Project–Album #41–A Saucerful of Secrets–Pink Floyd

imageAlbum 39 was A Saucerful of Pink one of the many Floyd tribute albums. This, however, is the real deal. The second Floyd album and the first without Syd Barratt, although he did write the track Jugband Blues, which features on this album.


It shows as early Floyd. Bizarre lyrics, lots of moog and weirdness. Just my cup of tea. See, if it was this, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and Ummagumma that was my introduction to Floyd, I would have gotten into them a lot earlier. It’s so far away from The Wall it’s practically down the garden path, across the road and under the tree in the neighbouring field. Right up my street.