September 1st, 2013


Poignant stuff that nobody will read.

Hello children. Are you sitting comfortably? Well then I’ll begin.

A long time ago, a generous man made this wonderful wonderland. It had libraries, shops, nightclubs, houses, communities, social clubs, town halls and other amenities. It was a glorious place and he invited all the people into the wonderland.

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Foot note: One of those great places that is crumbling is LJ. But as long as people are creative and interactive then it should not die.

On Friday I met someone I first met on LJ nearly 10 years ago, think4yrself. During my time on LJ I have met many people who, without LJ, I would never have known.

Over the years I have met:

zoefruitcake, stephmog, poggs, _hedgewytch_, aladdin_sane, billzy, christina43, cujosmurf, dr98emd,storm1jet2,starsnsammiches, georgina_again, kneads, louenn,nickelcat, rockpile_99, scattydove,stainsteelrat, noting_nothing

With the exception of rockpile_99 and georgina_again (I met them both when I worked in Pontefract, they already had LJs) all of those people are people that, without LJ, I would never have met. The majority of them I've tried to keep in touch with. Indeed, the lovely zoefruitcake is my girlfriend and together we continue to share adventures. But crucially I have noticed that since the waning of LJ's popularity and the growth of other social media platforms, I have not met any new people. Sure I've met people in real life that I work with or meet in my daily duties but not complete strangers. Why is that? For one, Facebook, Twitter and the like don't really allow you to interact beyond your existing social circle.

For example, I couldn't nip onto facebook and interact with a random person without them getting all offended, suspicious or defensive. Sure Livejournal is like that in places too, but it never used to be. It was a friendly place. Somewhere to meet other like minded people. Now. It is a ghost town with the odd bit of tumble weed.

Today I did an experiment, I looked at how many users were in the UK that had posted in the last 3 days. The results brought up at least 2000 active UK accounts. I opened the first ten accounts and nearly all of them were friends only. Excluding me from their content immediately.

When did we become so protective? When did we forget about filters? Did we become shy? Scared of interaction with strangers? Am I a stranger? Maybe I am. For all you know I could be a woman. Or I could be a psychopath intent of lulling you into a false sense of security so that I can eat your children when you least expect it.

Therefore, I will now remove the friends only bit of my LJ security. I am no longer friends only. I was only friends only because I posted personal things. They will remain friends only. But I will try to post more often unfiltered. After all, I cross post unfiltered to Blogger, Wordpress and dreamwidth anyway. Bring your friends. Do the same. Open your hearts. Revive the once great edifice that was LJ . Add me. Get them to add me. Read about my life. Let me read about yours. Share this entry, share similar entries. Promote this post. Blogging is so much more interpersonal that a couple of pictures of cute kittens and an artistic picture of your lunch.

Remember that world? When things were interesting? When your first port of call was LJ and not Facebook?

The world only stopped being interesting because you stopped making it interesting. Interact. Commune. Stop being insular, stop being incestuous, broaden your horizons, reach out to new people, commune. Touch. Influence. Be a part of people's lives and let them be a part of yours.