September 13th, 2013


The Prince

Sometimes you have to become Machiavellian in your approach to work domination.

My current (lowest tier) manager (the sixth in a year), who has a reputation for being a micro manager, asked me to share my Outlook calender with him a few weeks ago.

Now my Outlook calendar is fairly complex. It already has notes, reminders and all kind of other rubbish as well as appointments and the like. This helps me stay organised. So it came as a surprise when he said I needed to put more detail into my calendar.

Oh dear. He's going to wish he never asked that.

From today I am going to put very detailed calendar entries including:

Who I speak to,
when I speak to them,
when I am going to reply to emails,
how long it takes me to get from place to place (including morning commute)
The cost of each tank of fuel
When I get home at night (including any work done after hours)
Time spent updating calendar

I'm kind of thinking I should also include him carbon copied into every email I send. A bit like how I blind carbon copy his manager into replies to his stupid requests.