January 6th, 2015



Today I caught the train to Birmingham from Long Buckby. Here are some observations and conversations I overheard in bullet point format.

* the car park at long buckby station fills up well before 6:45am
* I am convinced some people just leave their cars there like some nationalities are fabled to leave towels on sun loungers
* 10 minutes can mean the difference between a 1hr train journey and a 90 minute train journey
* in the morning, the train from Long Buckby has 8 coaches and fills up rapidly after Coventry. I can only assume from this, nobody wants to work in Coventry.
* in the evening the return train visits more stops, is 8 coaches long but has surprisingly less people on it. From this I can only assume that most people working in Birmingham from stations after Long Buckby work later than I do or don't actually go home. Which might also explain why there are always cars in Long Buckby car park.
* If I knew polish, Urdu or Arabic I would be able to eavesdrop better
* apparently you should watch the lobsters don't take over
* the ticket inspector in the morning is far too cheerful to be healthy. I suspect he is in league with a used car sales man who sells cars obtained from passengers who don't return from Birmingham.
* the train smells of dirty unwashed people.
* Someone got on the train smelling of moth balls. That smell always makes me feel sick.
* Rugby to Long Buckby is further than it should be.