January 20th, 2016



I've never liked January, it's always been a difficult month financially and the cold doesn't make my feelings towards the month any better. Of course, long term readers will recall that I've never been too fond of February either [Well, at least not since 1978 when there were two Februarys. It's true. I lived it with my own life]. So I'm rather pleased that in a week it'll be all over and it'll be down hill all the way to next January.

Christmas was a busy and expensive affair. Sometimes we have to do something to learn not to do something again. A bit like when you eat a parsnip or an olive for the first time and realise that they're both poison and the most foolish thing you could put in your mouth aside from a rancid tramp's sock. Or when you have the "Barbecue Revelation" and realise the real fun of Christmas is having it done and for to you. Similarly I discovered that paradoxically while I like entertaining, I don't like entertaining. The Schrodinger Effect.

In other news, my good wife pointed out that I rarely post on LJ these days and expressed concern that she doesn't know what I'm thinking most of the time, whereas when I was a regular poster (2004-2009) she could understand me a little better. Moreover, she held a fund raiser to get me the £10 to have me post regularly but sadly due to what I can only assume was the world economic crisis, only 10% of the total funds were raised.  So in a compromise I'm going to try and post on a monthly basis and, to placate the wife, I will use a section of each entry to write what I am thinking about.

In media news, I have still held my position with the Star Wars embargo and, judging by the reviews I've read and discussions I've had with others (many who have seen the film several times), I've been justified in my stance. Also, it has been nearly 14 months since I last bought a newspaper or picked up a copy of the Metro. While this is mostly due to the right wing bias predominant in today's British press, it's also due to the dumbing down of what is classed as news and the fact that I have no idea who most of the people mentioned in the press are these days. BBC Radio 4 remains my station of choice and I do occasionally look at news websites. BBC Breakfast has been off the menu in Gnomepants Cottage for two weeks now, and to be fair, I couldn't care about it. Instead I'm enjoying trying to get a conversation going with the wife, although this does occasionally prove to be a Sisyphusian task for various reasons. Mostly because I'm busy eating my breakfast.

In other website news, stainsteelrat did a splendid job with his entries just before Christmas with my Music Project (stegzysmusic) and I've been busy typing up entries for the next few weeks to such an extent I've bought myself about 2 weeks grace time once more and I'm currently writing my way through February. Hopefully, by the end of February, I'll have a nice little stockpile so I can focus on other projects. Other projects include my ancient and often forgotten food blog Muckybadger (http://www.muckybadger.co.uk) which, together with a recent healthy eating and cooking fad, might see a revival in the coming months.


I wonder if there is any chocolate left in the tins in the kitchen
Zeb is looking snug there.
It's a little chilly, I might put a fire on.
Ow my finger hurts still. But hey my finger is a little less swollen.
Probably not going to put the fire on. I need a wee and I'll probably stay upstairs playing games until Zoe comes home from book group.
Do I want a cup of tea?
I'm a little thirsty but I want something a little different. Maybe a fizzy drink? Nah, that's too sweet and cordial isn't what I want either. Maybe I'll wait a bit.
I really need a wee now but I've got to carry on writing this for a bit.
Christ it's 8pm. I better get finished or I'll have wasted the evening doing this.
I'll click post now.
Oh tags. I need to put tags in...