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The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour

Version 44.1 @ 13:36


  • Slow response when waking from sleep - This issue has been resolved by installation of the "8hrs Patch"

  • Issues when subject to extreme heat/cold - An issue would arise where the unit would develop coolant leak or shudder when subject certain environmental conditions, this has now been resolved by adjusting the internal code to apply/remove outer layers where appropriate without operator assistance.

  • Odd behaviour when running multiple "Alcohol" applications concurrently - this has now been resolved by adjusting the code to only allow fewer instances to run

  • Removal of "Facebook Addiction", "Facebook Brainwashing" and "Social Media Narcissism" malware by making unit incompatible with platforms

Issues still requiring solution:

  • "Salary" applications still fail to run safely beyond level 26 without overclocking unit

  • The Malware "Beard" still inherent in unit and manifests despite regular removal and seems to have developed symbiosis with "Hairloss" malware

  • Internal operating devices may require attention from specialist at some future point

  • Remnants of "Can't Be Arsed" virus still evident within deep levels of operating system

  • Continued adjustment of unit's weight causes "Cravings" malware to disrupt "Concentration" subroutines  and "Sn3akySnax" virus to occasionally run

  • "Excitement" and "Anticipation" modules appear to be buggy especially when applying the "Christmas" theme and scenarios

  • "Social Life" module does not appear to have been running correctly for some versions now and may require an upgrade on next build

What's new in this build:

  • Ability to remove presence when required

  • Background base code adjusted to allow for changes in environmental conditions

  • "Enjoyment" module has been adjusted to work better with Cities:Skyline, Netflix (specifically Wormwo0d, Stranger Things, and Jessica Jones) Reddit and Apple Music (tm)


The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour