March 2nd, 2019


Whole lot of Whole30

Following a rather splendid calorie fuelled Christmas cruise, a few large pizzas and a return to bad sandwich van habits coupled with an incessant whistling in my ear, a few comments on how healthy I've been looking and feeling in need of something different to do, I thought I'd give the Whole30 lifestyle a pop. 

"Whole30?" I hear you, like many of my work colleagues, ask with a curious, bemused and sometimes cynical look on your skull covering, "What's that? Some sort of jigsaw/badger collection/religious cult?". No. Far from it. 

I've been explaining Whole30 to the uninitiated as a kind of dietary reboot that has been popular in Amerrycar for a number of years now. Its a lifestyle plan that tries to get you to think in more detail about how and when you consume food, how to scrutinise and analyse the ingredients in convenient things you buy and generally stick two "holier-than-though" fingers up at people who eat nothing but nice things like pizza, cheeseburgers and chocolate all day without any obvious external repercussions. 

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