March 23rd, 2020


Fallout from the Fallout

While out for a socially acceptable distant stroll in the empty Northamptonshire countryside, Mrs Gnomepants and I looked at the positives and possible issues that could arise because of recent viral events. 

1. There are probably lots of affair having people unable to see their bit on the side.

2. There are probably now lots of people holed up at home with people they dislike.

3. DIY stores will probably experience a boom as people do all those projects they have put off.

Being week 4 of no job, I have notice a distinct drop in the amount of well paid jobs and a rise of poorly paid "temporary" work in distribution and logistics. To mitigate , I've brought my no-job strategy forward a month and began my application for benefits. Cancelling of subscriptions and notifying debtors of my situation. I don't foresee any jobs arising soon.

News reached me on Friday that the company I worked for is now laying off more people with the added threat of a 25% pay-cut for those that remain. I worry for many of them. Things are not going to be good for a while if this continues.

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