June 8th, 2021


Picture of the Day: Mrs Mop, Brierley [2007]


Mrs Mop was a lovely little cat. Rescued, she joined the Mrs Gnomepants V1.0 menagerie as company for Yoda while Mrs Gnomepants V1.0 was at work - Yoda's loneliness having been called out by our neighbour who didn't go to work during the day.

Her origins were unknown but, because of her skittish nature, it was assumed that she had lived somewhere where she constantly needed to be on her toes. Yoda just wanted to play the age old cat game of Bite Your Bum and would often chase her around the house. But her mischeivious nature often meant she encouraged Yoda to get into trouble and could pass off the "I'm innocent" look like the best of them. 

Like Misty, Mrs Mop's favourite thing was sleeping on the bed and obtaining cuddles by appointment only. Often opting for the full belly tickle and playful lick. Indeed, such was her personality she coined the household phrase of "Lick both knees" which she would do to show she was happy with her situation.

She outlived Yoda by a couple of years, spending her last days sitting outside in the sun and enjoying the relative calm and peace of the mid-terrace in Ackworth she moved to when Mrs Gnomepants V1.0 lived after we split up.

Such a lovely loving kitty.