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Its all true (honest)

This is me with my ex-girlfriend Vanessa. She liked garlic too much and tended to pong.

When I was younger I was in a band with 3 of me mates. John (the bin man) Paul (worked in a chippy) and some guy called Ringo. They were shit so I left.

I was there when the Berlin Wall fell

I also managed to use my scientific skills to work out the genetic code of mice

For which I won a Nobel Prize

Afterwards we met lots of famous people

I took a trip to Mount Rushmore

And popped by Stone Henge on my way home

Occasionally I like to loiter around Trafalgar Square

I once appeared in Star Trek

And I've been known for waving pieces of paper around in my hand

I also used to go out with Lady Diana but her teeth kept getting in the way so I let Charles have her.
Tags: classic, me-through-history, pictures

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