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More car angst or is it just ignorance.

In Liverpool (at least) I've noticed a growing trend of sticking the front of the car over the give way line and stopping the traffic.

I'm using lorries because I can't find my car autoshape but you get the idea

Let us assume we are travelling in the yellow lorry. The Highway Code says that the red lorry should wait behind the Give Way lines until his way is clear. However I've noticed more and more drivers sticking out like the red lorry in my diagram and ever edging out until they hold up the traffic coming from the right then turning right because the blue lorry can see what a pest the red lorry is making of itself.

Sometimes you'll be happily tootling along and approaching a junction like in my diagram with no sign of vehicles but then out of nowhere someone drives upto and over  the give way just that little bit too far forcing you (in the yellow lorry) to swerve out of the way and possibly into the path of the blue lorry who is carrying toxic substances such as marmite or cold custard.

Now as Ken-in-work says, sometimes when you are driving the red van you might have no choice but to stick out because of parked cars or squished squirrels or something. But I've never driven a red van so I wouldnt know.

Another example of  people not giving way is illustrated below:-

I would like the pink van please Bob Like I explained earlier....I only use vans/lorries as an illustration because I have misplaced my car autoshape.

Let's say you are travelling along in the yellow van and you have passed the parked white van on your left when the red van pulls up to the blue van. There isnt enough room for both vans to pass. By rights the red van should wait and give way to the yellow van. However, another thing I've noticed is the likes of the red van not giving a shit about their paintwork and mirrors and trying their best to squeeze between you and the parked vehicles.

To me this feels like driving courtesy is dying on its feet. The reason why the Highway code (in the UK at least) has been so successful in the 60 odd years its been about IMO is because people are supposed to be courteous. This also applies to pedestrians.

Let's say you are the pink girl intending to walk to the top of the image.However the bus has unloaded most of its passengers (the waiters) who have decided to fill the pavement thus not affording you a safe passage. Sometimes they do this forcing you to the edge of the kerb and onto the road. You then get squished by a passing red lorry. Which is no fun.

Why? Why do people think if they don't look at you you are not there? Another annoyance happens crossing the road at crossing just down from where I work. It is a heavily used crossing and often you will be faced with a wall of people when trying to cross the road.

So when, like in the above picture, you are attempting to cross the road you can't get passed the blue waiters because they stubbornly won't get out of the way. Fuckers! Or worse. You cross the road while they stand there waiting for the green man. But you've noticed it is safe enough for you to cross yet by the time you get to the kerb of the other side the blue waiters just stand there....waiting...looking gormless. Oblivious to the fact you are about to get squished by a red lorry. They then get pissy with you because you elbow them out of the way while muttering "Shift your fat fucking arse cockwipe" like you're at fault for using your incentive to cross the road.

The same could be said for those irritating  pricks in supermarkets who idly wander round daydreaming...picking up this and that....reading the back of the packet like its War and Peace. Or refusing to move out of your way when you try to get past. Or worse still they see the empty checkout and pretend to not see you heading there with your basket and push in front with their trolley chock full of unhealthy bollocks for their darling little shitbags.

Oooh it makes me fair mad it does and people that ask pointless questions....ooooh that gets on my tits too....

User: Hello Can you help me with <application>
stegzy - Ok what problem are you having?
User: **silence**
stegzy - **silence**
User: - Hello?
stegzy Yes you're having a problem? With <application>?
User: yes **silence**
stegzy - And the problem you are

I know some users have this bizarre idea that we can see every click and keypress they do. Like some have this bizarre paranoia that we know their passwords, their wifes name and what their little Johnnie did in kindergarten. We don't! Well...I don't...maybe the others do...but I couldnt give two fucks what you do.

I believe this post had a point once....but I went off on a ramble and somehow its lunch time....</font>
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