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The Existential Compost

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20th July 2004

Why @ 12:00

Current Grassiness: cranky cranky

Funny thing has been going through my head recently. I've been watching a lot of history programs with facination and I noticed a common trend.

"SS Great Eastern was built by Isambard Kindom Brunell"
"King Edward the umpteenth built Conway castle"
"Stephenson built the Rocket"

Did they fuck!

What a load of bollocks. THEY didnt build them. I doubt IKB even knew how to use a rivetter, I can't imagine Stephenson working over a hot forge making the necessary components for a steam engine and I refuse to believe that King Edward the thingymabob was a wiz at grouting. Its just not right.

Why do they teach kids like this? You know what i mean??

"The Emperor Hadrian built a wall across the Scottish border" - Did he fuck....1000's of Romans and slaves built the fucker; Hadrian just sat in his villa somewhere poncing about in one of his orgies

"Captain Cook discovered Austrailia" - bollocks he did, are you telling me he sailed that boat on his own? Did he fuckaslike!

"Hitler bombed London" - Hitler flew all them planes....at the same time? come on give me some credibility...

"Henry VIII dissolved the monestaries (yeah yeah i spelt that wrong)" - what in a giant glass of water? Noooooooo his men did.

Yet we teach kids that slaves built the pyramids and its taken as read that lots of people worked on some of todays wonderously tall buildings. But its these people that are forgotten. So I propose...instead of telling kids:-

" so and so built the wotsit"

tell them correctly:-

" so and so supervised the construction of the wotsit and took all the credit while hard working people like you and I didnt get any credit or thanks"

I think that might help.
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Date:20th July 2004 04:44 (UTC)
Too right! It's like 'He built this ***** with his own two hands'
Date:20th July 2004 07:05 (UTC)
Very good point! Once again the big guy exploits the little guy for fame and fortune. If you want to be famous, just get everyone do do everything for you. Works like a charm!
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Date:20th July 2004 20:30 (UTC)
They're all tales of the nameless and the unknown.

The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour