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The Existential Compost

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6th November 2008

Hope - A therealljidol post @ 22:30

When I was a nipper, I hoped for a shiny new bike. Times were hard in 1970's so I ended up with a polished and touched up Raleigh Tomahawk previously owned by my brothers. Of course, as time passed and affluence increased so did my aspirations for gifts. December would come and I would sit by the fire with Argos Catalogue in hand and scour the pages chirping "I'll have that and that and that". Hope had dissolved into desire and want. As time progressed and the value of money became more apparent. My desires became hopes once more and I would hope for the latest electronics but never actually getting them for example a VIC20 instead of an Atari console. Not that I was ungrateful for such gifts. Still, it would have been nice to play Asteroids instead of Wacky Waiters.

Spin forward a couple of decades and hope took a different form. I no longer hoped for material goods but desire never faded. Instead hopes turned to aspirations. I would hope that I would get good grades at school. I would hope that I got a girlfriend. I would hope that I would embark on a career after school. Sadly none of that happened and I began to lose faith in the concept of hope. I never got the girlfriend, I never got the grades, I never got the career. In my depressed misogynistic period of unemployment of the mid 90's I would muse on various concepts. What was hope? How did it fit in with life? Was hope and aspiration the same thing? What was for dinner? Could I hope for a nice juicy steak?

I see the concept of hope as a facet of fortune. Like a wheel, spinning round and round with fortune at the top, disparity at the bottom and hope in between. Without hope there can be no fortune. The fuel that powers our journey from aspiration via inspiration to our destination of ambition. The hope to turn things from a rotten husk into a golden apple.

But what are my hopes now that I find myself approaching the age of 35.

I hope that I can get through the current breakdown of my marriage amicably
I hope that I graduate next year
I hope that I can get my coursework done soon
I hope I can get a really juicy steak for dinner tonight
I hope that the next 35 years bring me happiness and contentment
I hope that I get enough votes over the weekend to carry me on to the next round
I hope it bally well warms up soon as my fingers are becoming numb!

Mostly short term hopes really. What about you?

What do you hope for?

What are you hoping for this festive season?

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Date:6th November 2008 23:49 (UTC)
First, good luck with the smoking thing. That's something I really need to do myself. Also, I think it's very neat that you included a poll in this entry. I was trying to figure out how to be creative with audience participation, but I still haven't figured out one that would work yet - so way to go with beating me to it.

Good entry!
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Date:7th November 2008 00:44 (UTC)
Good luck on those short term hopes. they don't seem too difficult...except the amacable break up might be a bit tricky. Take care!
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Date:7th November 2008 03:22 (UTC)
Good luck achieving your hopes!
Date:7th November 2008 06:04 (UTC)
This was different with the poll... great idea. Good entry, you get my vote this week.
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Date:7th November 2008 08:06 (UTC)
I'd almost put "world peace" but remembered that this is not a Miss World contest.

And, realistically, it's pretty unlikely.

I hope your hopes do become reality. Good luck with all of it.
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Date:7th November 2008 16:36 (UTC)
Good luck with the divorce, it's not easy but it can be done and still be friendly during it. I have faith that you will accomplish your goals. :)
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Date:8th November 2008 00:17 (UTC)
Good luck with all your hopes!
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Date:9th November 2008 04:56 (UTC)
good luck on working towards and achieving you dreams :)
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Date:9th November 2008 17:50 (UTC)
My dear, at 35 (or soon to be) you're still a young nipper. *lol*

The Existential Compost

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