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The Existential Compost

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3rd June 2015

[sticky post] Always open to new Friends! (with occasional intimate filtered bits) @ 15:15

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Date:22nd June 2011 11:22 (UTC)

you seem crazy

In really good sort of way! I am ridiculously interested in all things silly. I cannot seem to grow up. Anyway, I was browsing profiles on Blogger, out of sheer boredom. Just didn't feel like getting out of bed yet. But I started howling with laughter after reading your "interests". Don't know why, but "bags in trees" was the first to start my giggle fit. I have a blog all about weird silliness and I need some inspiration because my creative juice is running low. I want to develop some very silly, magical, mythical creatures for the purpose of dressing up and staging scenes for our pet rats. I may check in with you sometime, you seem like just the kind of person who could have a few ideas up your nose.
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Date:22nd June 2011 12:16 (UTC)

Re: you seem crazy

Thanks, you can also find me on Wordpress and Blogger

The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour