Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon (stegzy) wrote,
Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon

Cold beans from a tin

I still have hair. Lots of it.

Aside from that I see a word on my daily scan of LJ proving to be prominent. That word, should you care, is Dreamwidth. It seems that withthe latest trouble caused evilz hockorzz lots of people are doing the old "ONOEZ LJZ LAMORZ I IZ GOIN TO RUN AWAYZ TO DREAMWITDHZ0RZ" thing again.

Well, as you know, the good old compost comes in many different flavours:-

#Blogspot flavour - not often up dated these days but here is where you'll find writing akin to the stuff I used to post here which rambled on for longer than a few lines.

#Mucky Food Blog flavour - another one sadly lacking on updates recently. Here you will find reviews about food and places I've eaten (mostly in Warwickshire)

#Floaty green slop flavour - Ah....Dreamwidth. How once full of eastern promises you once were. I really haven't decided what I'll do with dreamwidth. Probably nothing other than silly bollocks. Therein you'll find occasional wibblings and little of note. [personal profile] stegzy

Of course, I'm a really cool guy as not only do my scribblings exist on other "NONLJ" sites, you'll find that you can actually read these scribbles without leaving the safety of LJ. Yes, you can cling onto the last vestiges of a once great user generated content empire by adding stegzyblogspot, stegzydw AND muckybadger to your FLists. Hell...if you're on Dreamwidth you can add my LJ to your "Circle" by adding [personal profile] stegzylj-feed.

Hmm...but then there are those who probably think "Meh, bloggingz0rz is so noughties dude" yet you may yearn for more Gnomepants wisdom, gossip or just to stalk, pester and annoy me. You can do this by finding me on nearly any social networking site such as Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google, Facebork, Twatter, Jam fig, Nippletwang or even Barry McGuigan's Happy Fist as Stegzy.

Of course, if you would rather be retro...and do things know...just to be "ironic" only have to look as far as my earliest LJ post in order to find out where I live.

Kids today....fickle.....

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