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Crisps: The results

So this is how the vote went.

I asked you to rank your crisps in order of preference. Twenty people voted and the winning line is 10 votes.

For the first round it went something like this

Showing Prawn Cocktail as the one with the most votes but not the winner. Remember to win the crisps need to have at least 10 votes. Under AV rules, the one with the lowest votes is removed from the race and in this case it was Smokey Bacon. So tata charred pig flavour and the next round of votes are redistributed to the rest of the remaining candidates.
Which ends up looking like this:-

Showing Prawn Cocktail as number one still in the stakes.

However, interestingly, there are TWO losers; Beef and Roast Chicken. Both of these are eliminated from the third round which, after counting, looks like this:

Where it shows Prawn cocktail as the clear winner with 11 points.

However, as usual, I think I got it all wrong. And so I have looked at it in a different way.

After the first round of votes it looks like this

But with Ashtray and Worm flavour being the least most popular flavour, thus being taken out of the race, the second round of voting looks like this:-

Then taking the second least popular flavour (Beef) out the third round looks like this:

Which makes Roast Chicken the most popular winner.

Both methods of redistribution and elimination result in contrary results to that of the FPTP method performed on Monday night which showed Salt and vinegar as the clear winner.
Tags: politics, poll-results
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