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The Existential Compost

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27th April 2011

Poetry Week 2011: Duckbill platypus @ 18:20

The Duckbill Platypus by Stegzy Gnomepants

What a curious sight you are
Weird and out by far
Under the antipodean sky
Oh duckbilled platypi

You're quite bizarre to look at
If you wore a hat
On your duckbill snout
If you ever went out

With brown fur and ear
You're quite peculiar and queer
But I bet you're good to eat
Do you have webbed feet?

Ah thank you
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Date:27th April 2011 17:25 (UTC)
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Date:27th April 2011 20:01 (UTC)

The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour