Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon (stegzy) wrote,
Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon

There and Back Again and There and Back Again

So after driving over a thousand miles, sunburnt and exhausted; armed with new hat I embarked on the second leg of the holiday.

Saturday morning Zoe and I travelled south. This time bound for Horsham. Beard itching, hip aching we arrived in good time having gone via Windsor to avoid dreadful traffic on the M25. And so began the 40th Birthday celebrations. Zoe's parents had done a damn fine job of converting their back garden into a European cafe style seating area. Decorative banners, bunting and a fine selection of dips. All that was required...a hair cut. Which Matt, Zoe's brother, did in record time and a damn fine job of it he did. Just before dusk the first guests arrived and before long there were fairy cup cakes everywhere. A jolly time was had by all. It was like some impromptu LJ meet as the majority of guests had, at some point, held an LJ account. I got to meet the amazing noting_nothing who I'm fairly certain I had met before at some other social gathering, scattydove was there, as was _hedgewytch_, nickelcat, kneads and others.

The next day Zoe and I attended a christening. I always find it unusual being at a function where you no nobody. It seems to happen more and more these days. For me at least. We returned to Horsham for a spot of Geocaching with scattydove before stuffing the car with all manner of goodies and scooting back to Leamington Spa. Knackered, exhausted, tired we retired to a comfy bed for the final time in five days.....

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