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The Existential Compost

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14th October 2011

Censor this @ 18:59

It started about the 17th September. Groups of people from all walks of life gathered in Wall Street in America in protest of the growing corporate culture. The movement is called Occupy.


There has been frighteningly little news about this in the British media. I’m not saying it has not been reported; it has. I am not shocked by this as unless children get hurt or someone famous gets arrested at the event it was unlikely it would get reported.


Monitoring the news this week has been interesting. Very little in the way of actual news. Slow news week. Slow news. Nothing to worry about…move along…But scratch beneath the surface, read between the lines and you notice things.


Little things. Like the problem with the Blackberry mobile phone network. Curious that it happens here just as the Occupy movement swells in Europe and, indeed the UK. Cast your mind back to the events in August. Riots organised by youths….USING BLACKBERRYS. Cut off the network. Invent some crap about a server malfunction. Cut off the communication of the youth. Prevent gatherings and organised flash protests. Then what happens? The problem spreads to the US. Coincidence? Maybe.


Then there’s the disappearing links on Facebook. I tried sharing a link to a news story drawing attention to the movement. Mysteriously it vanished a few hours later. I pasted a link in a comment to a friend. It too mysteriously vanished. Paranoia? Cake?? Misdirection?


Something stinks. I don’t like it. When people start disappearing, it will be too late.




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Date:15th October 2011 12:06 (UTC)
When you put it like that it does seem somewhat suspicious.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and this action might make it possible for something to be done about it.
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Date:15th October 2011 20:21 (UTC)
I was always told not to touch blackberries in October as the devil had p*ssed on them! Perhaps the excess of fluid had melted their circuits? :)
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Date:17th October 2011 11:15 (UTC)
YES: THIS! EXACTLY THIS! (Plus they held the G20 Finance meeting in Rome over the weekend) ;-)

The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour