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Forgive me father, it has been several months since my last update.

I'm still alive. I am still in a mentally exhausting job. I am still in Leamington Spa. Nothing much has changed really.

Somethings that have changed include:

- Weight
- Number of teeth (for some reason, age probably, my teeth are becoming surprisingly brittle to the point eating pork crackling is like playing Russian Roulette)
- Socks (every day)
- Neighbours
- The way the government defines the term "Apprentice"
- The bed linen

Exciting developments include:

- Planting lots of pansies, snap dragons and sweet williams
- Doing the dishes
- Getting my Human Rogue to level 85 in Warcraft (Spinebreaker server)
- Spending £200 a month to go to work
- Managing to maintain Zoe's mood in the green/amber zone

Fleeting ideas of note (that didn't amount to anything) include:

- A national fixed price of petrol
- A giant soufflé (chocolate)
- Going into teaching
- Renting a cottage as part of the Edge of Wales walk
- Attempt to set up a media training community enterprise.

When further things of note arise, I will attempt to write a post here. Until then here is some music.


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