Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon (stegzy) wrote,
Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon

A Music project

It's probably not going to be of interest to most readers of this now low traffic blog but I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it for now. I might CP to Haven't entirely decided.

Anyway, the project. Over the years I have accrued over 182Gb of music. A great deal of which I have not listened to, mostly because of protests from people in the same room but also because it would take me 92.7 solid 24 hour days to listen to the entire lot (figures accurate). So, towards the end of last year I thought I would listen to each album in its entirety and post a small review of what I have listened to.

Like I said, probably of no interest to most readers of this journal. But still maybe of some interest to a few.

So far I have listened to 9 albums from various ends of the music spectra so it makes sense that I start my reviews now, so I don't end up with gout in the hand or something.

Oh yes. One more thing. I will be listening to the albums alphabetically. Buckle up. It's a long ride.

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