Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon (stegzy) wrote,
Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon

Exciting day planned

So today I'm in Liverpool. I'm on my own for once and I'm really keen to do a bit of shopping.

So, to begin with I'm nipping out to the retail park. Zoe wants some DIY doing so I'll have a look around Focus and Do It All for the bits I'll need and if I go there I'll be able to have a mooch round Comet and Tandy. I'm looking for a new camera so they might have one there, otherwise I'll have to go into town and visit Jessops. Anyway, I might pop into the Borders while I'm at the retail park. Pick up my copy of the Today newspaper, I've not read that in ages.

After that, I'll jump on the bus and nip into town where I'll have a mooch round C&A and try and find myself some nice Farrah trousers and some Blue Stratos or Denim Aftershave. I'll nip into the Virgin mega store and probably Woolworths and have a look at their music section too. I need to go to Woolies anyway because later today I'm going to the Blockbusters in the village to get a video to watch, so I'll probably want some munchies and I fancy some pick and mix.

I was thinking about going into WH Smith as well but I never seem to need anything from them these days. But that's ok, theres so much choice on the British High Street today! I can't see them going out of business just yet. But I'll be able to dash into the Kwik Save too. Get myself some of their nice "bread like" substance to go with my delicious "suspiciously bean shaped pulses in liquidised red vegetable matter".

Then I'll put my feet up and catch up on Eldorado and no doubt that nice Noel Edmonds will be doing his House Party thing. Quality entertainment that....

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