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The Existential Compost

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2nd June 2014

Writing 101 - Day One - Unlock the mind @ 07:10

Wordpress U are running a prompt a day feature that encourages daily posting. This is my post from Monday

I’m looking forward to dinner. It’s dinner time.

Tonight, I will dine on fine pork sausages with a bacon sandwich side and chips. Nothing else. Just that.

The bread of the sandwich will be fried in the bacon fat, just like my nan used to do for me, only on one side. I will dress the bacon with some salad cream in the sandwich and I will also add some salad cream to my plate for the chips.

This meal is really unhealthy. My doctor would suck air through his teeth and tut at me. But I don’t care. This is my meal. My comfort food. My happy food.

For some it’s pizza, for others it’s a home cooked stew. For me, it’s a plate of sausage with a bacon sandwich and chips.

I can smell the sausage cooking. Right now. I am salivating in anticipation. I haven’t even got round to cooking the bacon yet!

It will be fried bacon. I can’t see the point of grilling.

Sure grilling will make it healthier but fried bacon is so much tastier. Fattier sure, and why waste the fat? It’s the best bit.

Vegetarian readers will probably frown at the prospect of the meat feast ahead. I don’t care. If you tasted as good as bacon, I’d eat you too.

Other things you may have missed (perhaps deliberately)

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Date:4th June 2014 18:52 (UTC)
I'm hungry now, thanks
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Date:14th June 2014 18:14 (UTC)
ummm bacon fat

The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour