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The Existential Compost

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3rd January 2015

A mystery solved and an adventure on a cushion of air @ 19:21

The answer to yesterday's poll was of course Prince Charles. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, I asked a group of my Social Media apprentices to identify the famous people in photographs. None of them could identify Prince Charles. I had: "Some Politician", "Prince Phillip" and "That bloke off Coronation Street". The world will end soon.

Today I used the birthday present that my future wife bought me. It was a Hovercraft Experience at High Cross Hovercraft in Leicester. Aparently hovercrafting is much more popular than you think and there are competitions and courses all over the UK. Someone asked whether you could use a hovercraft on a canal which would be really cool if you ask me. Sadly you can only use hovercrafts on tidal waters/estuaries and privately owned bodies of water.

Anyway, here is a picture of me looking at a hovercraft with a bunch of people, because, dispite knowing that the event was today, I didn't remember to charge my GOPRO+3 and zoefruitcake's iPhone 5 ran out of battery as did my iPhone 4s. Such is life.

Driving (or should that be piloting) a hovercraft is a difficult thing to do really. First off you've got to put your weight into the turn you want to make. I suspect this didn't matter on the old cross Channel hovercrafts that ran from Dover (if you went on that can you confirm that passengers didn't all have to lean into the turn?) but on the smaller individual hovercrafts you have to kind of do the opposite of what you might do with riding a motorbike, that is, lean into the direction you want to go.

Following a bit of training I did two loops of a circuit in the pissing down rain which was great fun before returning to a drier but bored Zoe. A good day, a fab experience and another thing off my bucket list.

Let's see....Modes of transport I have done:-

Push bike
Sit on lawnmower
Surfboard (partially)
Rowing boat
Cable car
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Date:3rd January 2015 19:43 (UTC)
Exciting! Glad you enjoyed it!
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Date:5th January 2015 07:04 (UTC)
It was very exciting!
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Date:4th January 2015 09:53 (UTC)
That's really scary about Prince Charlie. I suppose as he isn't on X-factor or Strictly they don't see him.

How Hoovercrafting is such a cool present. I'd love a go
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Date:5th January 2015 07:07 (UTC)
It worries me how young people know so little about current affairs. Worse, how they now expect you to give them the knowledge about things instantly without the need to digest the reasons why and how things happen. Generation Google.
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Date:4th January 2015 22:04 (UTC)
Prince who?

Glad you enjoyed it x
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Date:5th January 2015 07:08 (UTC)
I did, would have been more fun if you had joined in too :-)

The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour