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New job. Lower salary. Hopefully less stress. Lesson in life learnt. Money isn't everything. Health is more precious.

My social media mojo has all but drained away and my creativeness burnt out akin to a double ended candle. Now but a lump of depressed sorry wax. One thing I learnt a long time ago was "Don't make a career out of something you enjoy or you'll end up hating it".

That said, I continue to post regularly on my music project. I am currently up to B and will be moving onto C later this month. I tried to set up IFTTT to repost my music project posts here automatically but of course it doesn't always work. Which is why, if you've been following the project through LJ, you might have been wondering why it seemed to stop at #224.

Anyway there have been quite a few posts since then but I thought it better to do a weekly digest linking to the posts here rather than swamp your LJs with uninteresting musical viewpoints. Of course you could always just add the RSS feed to your Feedly, Flipboard or your LJ Friends List (stegzysmusic), or even subscribe to the email newsletter.

This week featured:

The Burning Circle & Then Dust - Lycia

Burn the Bridges - Spirogyra

Buena Vista Social Club

Buddha Bar III - Various Artists

Buch Der Balladen - Faun

Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

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