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The Existential Compost

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4th February 2015

Music Project (Again!) @ 19:17

Unknown-2I'm always keen to have guest writers on my blogs, stegzysmusic especially. As many of you will already know, I'm off getting married soon, so I am keen to have someone take care of the postings while I'm away.

If you would like to review any of the albums listed below, please message me (either in comments, email or DM) with the album you'd like to review or comment on and I'll set you up as a contributor.

I'm happy to make the music available to you too if you haven't got it already. I find that the project has meant I'm often listening to things I've never heard before and it's fun writing musings about things as you hear them for the first time.

There are a small number of albums that I'd like to do myself (marked with an asterisk) but I'm happy to have guests review them too if they want. As long as you can commit to submit before or on publication date (in brackets) that's fine. I don't usually post on weekends but if I get significant interest, then I'll fudge the dates accordingly.

So, coming up is:

Car Wheels on a gravel road - Lucinda Williams (9/2/15)
Caravanseri - Carlos Santana (10/2/15)
Carnival of Souls - Miranda Sex Garden (11/2/15)
Carry on up the charts - Beautiful South (12/2/15)
Cassette - Fields of the Nephilim* (a cmpilation given to me years ago) (13/2/15)
Casanova - Divine Comedy (16/2/15)
Casino Classics: The Remix Album - St Etienne (17/2/15)
Cassette - Fields of the Nephilim* (a compilation given to me years ago) (17/2/15)
Castlefest 2011 - Various artists (18/2/15)
The Cataclysm - David Galas* (my favourite album of 2009) 19/2/15)
Cats and Mice - Kirstin Hersh (20/2/15)
Celestine Prophecy - Christoper Franke (23/2/15)
Century Child - Nightwish (24/2/15)
Ceromonies: Ad Mortem - Fields of the nephilim (25/2/15)
Change we must - Jon Anderson (26/2/15)
Changes in Mind - Golden Dawn (27/2/15)
Changesbowie - David Bowie (28/2/15)
Charlie and the chocolate factory - Danny Elfman
Chestnut Mare - Byrds
Chicago Demos - Blood Ruby
Chicken Skin Music - Ry Cooder
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Date:4th February 2015 19:36 (UTC)
I'd mention Da Sproglet but I don't think her writing abilities can match her verbal ones! She does know a helluva lot about popular (and not so popular) music though. But then I would say that wouldn't I? :-D
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Date:5th February 2015 19:24 (UTC)
Hmmm. Yes, something to think about certainly. I do have some Duran Duran albums coming up in the next few months, I know she enjoys their "music".
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Date:5th February 2015 22:48 (UTC)
She knows her stuff but she is dyslexic so tends to get a bit floored with print. However, a fair few band managers and members have had her running rings around them when it comes to musical knowledge. Don't ask me how she does it because I brought her up listening to Beethoven (or I tried to)and she's a dead cert to win at music quizzes. Did one with her back in November and out of 40 'modern' music questions I only knew the answers to two of them!! She knew about 36!!! Did get my own back when it came to the general knowledge section tho'!! This boring old f**t still has a mind full of useless information! :-D
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Date:4th February 2015 23:14 (UTC)

I'd happily write about Carry On Up The Charts, or Changes, or Casanova. Or indeed a random unfamiliar thing you assigned to me.

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Date:5th February 2015 19:33 (UTC)
Ooh would you? Fab :-)

Carry on up the charts has been bagged already but Changes and Casanova are available. You can do both or just one, let me know though so I can make arrangements for the others. I'll set you up as an author via your blacktreacle address and send you a style guide unless you already have a wordpress account you'd prefer to use?

Alternatively, if you want to just have a go at random musical album I have just the one in mind :-)

The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour