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The Existential Compost

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12th February 2015

Music Project - Ongoing stuff @ 20:38

Today stainsteelrat's contribution to the Music Project, a review of Beautiful South's Carry On Up the Charts, was published and it's looking good if I do say so myself.

On Sunday morning Zoe and I head off on our little adventure so things may be quiet for a few days. However, I thought I'd use this little opportunity to let you know about the exciting line up for next month on the Music Project.


2 Chimera - Delerium

3 Chinese Leftovers - Sugarplum Fairies

4 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - OST - (Zoe said she'd do this one)

5 Chorus of Tribes - Myth

6 Chris Isaak - Chris Isaak

9 Chronicle of the black sword - Hawkwind

10 Chronologie - Jean-Michel Jarre

11 Chronometree - Glass Hammer

12 Chronophagie: Time Eaters - Jaques Lasry

13 Cigarettes and Alcohol Vol 1 - Various Artists

16 Classic Blue - Justin Hayward & Mike Batt

17 Classic rock: Symphonic Rock - Various Artists

18 Classic rock: 1984-1985

19 Classic rock: 1985-1989

20 Classic Rock: 1986

23 Classical Chillout: Various Artists

24 Clear - Bomb the Bass

25 Close Encounters and other disco galactic themes - Geoff Love

26 Close to the Edge - Yes

27 Clouds Taste Metallic - Flaming Lips

30 Club for Heroes - Various Artists

31 Cocktail from Lebanon — Various Artists

If anyone fancies doing a review or writing about how any of the above albums make them feel or describing memories invoked by the albums, please drop me a message or comment or smoke signal stating which one you'd like to write and I'll make the arrangements. It's really good fun listening to music never heard and heard before and writing about it. So don't worry if you don't have access to the album, that can be arranged too :D
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Date:13th February 2015 10:41 (UTC)
Hi - I'm not really keeping on top of my correspondence very well at the moment. Possibly I have failed to read/reply to something. I have my WP account set up, but I'm not sure when I'm meant to post, or whether I should wait for instructions, or what!

Enjoy your trip!

Aha! Right. I've agreed to albums on 16th, and 28th. So do I just post sometime before that, and assume you'll handle it appearing in the right place at the right time?

Edited at 2015-02-13 10:44 (UTC)
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Date:13th February 2015 14:06 (UTC)
Yes, you have posting access now. Just as long as you include the album cover and a link to a YouTube video of your favourite song from the album, you should be ok. You can schedule posts ahead of time too if you like.

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Date:14th February 2015 07:50 (UTC)

Enjoy your little adventure!

Best wishes,

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Date:28th February 2015 10:36 (UTC)

The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour