Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon (stegzy) wrote,
Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon

The Days of Future Passed

Technically, four weeks into my new job and I'm already looking for a way out. Assessment is a peculiar thing, you really have to stay current with the developments in your field but once you have left the field it is difficult to get back into the field of expertise. So short term, assessment is great, however long term you become old, rusty and irrelevant. And so, following burnout induced by my previous employer, I am now looking to escape education once and for all. Fingers, being crossed, make it difficult to type.

Irons in fire.

Getting hot.

Anyway, other than work work work, nothing much seems to happen in middle age. Men lose their hair, children become the center piece for old friends and others continue to ignore the fact that they are in their early forties now and should be acting a little bit more responsible.

Locally, being a councillor and all that, there are things afoot. The new chip shop opened in the village on Friday and now the air is no longer thick with the scent of coal and wood fires but with the thick dank stench of chip fat and cooking. Nice.

Cyberwise, here are the upcoming entries for stegzysmusic, again if you want to write an entry get in touch. Usual standards apply.

1 - Codex Lascivus - Schelmish
2 - Cold - Lycia
3 - Collected - Massive Attack
4 - The Collection - Ultravox

7 - The Collection - The Stranglers
8 - Coma Divine - Porcupine Tree
9 - Comalies - Lacuna Coil
10 - Coming of Age - Camel
11 - The Commitments - OST
13 - Compact Jazz: Charlie Parker
14 - Comparsa - Deep Forest
15 - Compass - Jane Taylor - Bagged by zoefruitcake
16 - Complete Madness - Madness
17 - Complete Mike Oldfield - Mike Oldfield
18 - Completion Backward Principle - The Tubes
20 - Concerto - Roxy Music
21 - Concerts in China - Jean-Michel Jarre
22- Conquest, Love and Self-Perseverance - Ordo Equilibrio
23 - Consign to Oblivion - Epica
24 - Conspiracy - Billy Sherwood & Chris Squire
25 - Conspiracy of one - Offspring
27 - Construction Time Again - Depeche Mode
28 - Continental Circus - Gong
29 - Contraband: The Best of Men at Work - Men at Work
30 - Core - Stone Temple Pilots

Remember, it doesnt matter if you haven't got the music yourself or you have never heard the album, if you want I can share the files with you for you to listen to and write about your feelings upon hearing them for the first time.

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