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The Existential Compost

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27th April 2015

New job in depth @ 19:40

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[Details about my new job]
New job is kind of like being on detention. It reminds me of a number of jobs I had in my earlier career, mostly office based, same people, same issues, day in day out. Fortunately I don't have to deal with that. My job is to learn the ropes. Write a guide for newbies. Teach the newbies then move on to a new project. So of course during my first week I spent an inordinate amount of time waiting for work for me to do to arrive or five o'clock. Whichever came first.

The people seem ok though. There are no complete knobheads. Surprisingly the women outnumber the men in the office [4 men and 9 women] and so in an environment that has been mostly male free, the topics of conversation are...well a little choice and often TMI. For example today two of the girls were openly discussing the intimacies of vaginal discharges like I might openly discuss a walk around the coast of Wales. I also witnessed flagrant ogling. Not of women, but of workmen. Much in the same way that I might have ogled women had I been a builder in the 1970s.

Paradoxically, while it seems like every office job I've done before, on the other hand it is nothing like any other office job I've had before. It also feels like I've always been doing this job. In fact if it wasn't for a previous manager of mine contacting me last week for a reference, I might have felt like I have been doing the job forever. It's weird.

Ethically, I'm sat in a chain. Wealthy people with little taste or concept of style pay shop owners and professional "stylists" to buy reduced price garish goods for to decorate their extravagant homes with in turn we supply the designers and shop owners hideous lights at over inflated prices as wholesalers. Everytime someone orders one of our products, especially one of the expensive ones, I look them up on the product database and laugh at the whole thing and feel glad I don't have stupid amounts of cash to waste of hideous and nasty products.

Still it's a job, and as long as I'm having a walk at lunchtime I'm not going to go completely out of my basket.
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Date:27th April 2015 19:00 (UTC)
At the risk of sounding sexist, working with MissJ and C when she was still here was a bit like that - you did hear an awful lot of TMI stuff!
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Date:29th April 2015 12:06 (UTC)
I have it the other way around, I work with men everywhere

The Existential Compost

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