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Totally fascinating.

If you really want to make a difference in your community I suggest you nip along to your local council meeting and get involved.

This month we looked at:
Street Lighting (and the cost)
4500 home developments (and the cost)
The Clerk doing extra hours (and the cost)
The wrong type of wood chip (and the cost)


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A light came on in my Golf last Monday and knocked me into limp mode. Restarting the car cleared the fault for a few miles. It took me until Thursday to work out what it could be and my usual garage couldn't slot me in until June.

Took it to another garage today. They reset the onboard CPU and suggested that if it happend again then it was a problem with the EDF valve or something. What ever it is, it's expensive.

Sure enough, on the way home tonight I got the limp mode again.

Country Life

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On Bank Holiday Monday, Zoe and I went to the Festival of Country Life at Lamport Hall in Northamptonshire. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't a celebration of butter and spreadables, instead it was a showcase for steam traction engines, stationary engines and displays of farmery.

There were two main arenas. One with demonstrations of falconry and the various antique vehicles that were on display. The other with farming demonstrations such as hay bailing, chaffing and threshing. It was all very interesting and pleasantly popular. It always pleases me to see young people attending these events as they will hopefully bring their own children to such events in the future thus maintaining such festivals longevity.

Zoe and I mused on the idea of such events in the future such as the Festival of Town and City Living 2095 where they put on demonstrations and reenactments of call centre operation, unemployment and consumerism. I'm sure they will be very popular and compliment the National Trust's ownership of Canary Wharf.

Anyway, here is a video to show you how much fun the festival was.

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The forthcoming albums facing a commentary are listed below. If you would like to write something for any of them, get in touch. Remember, you don't need to have the music or have heard it already, I can get you the tunes if you need them.

1 - Croix de Bois Croix de Feu - Les Joyaux de la Princesse
2 - Crone of war - Omnia
3 - Crooked - Kristin Hersh
4 - Cross of Changes - Enigma
5 - The Crow - OST
8 - Cruel Intentions - OST
9 - CSI: Ambleside - HMHB
10 - Culture of Ascent - Glass Hammer
11 - Cure for Pain - Morphine
12 - Dare to be Stupid - Weird Al Yankovic
14 - Dark - Duir
15 - Dark Passion Play - NIghtwish
16 - Dark Side of the Moog - Pieter Namlook
17 - Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
18 - Dark Side of the Sky - VA
21 - Dark Side - Gregorian
22 - Darklands - Jesus & Mary Chain
23 - Darkman - Danny Elfman
24 - Darkness & Hope - Moonspell
25 - Das Boot - OST
29 - Dawn of the Piper - Pink Floyd
30 - Dawnrazor - Fields of the Nephilim


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Finally, I have a mystery. I own a little box. On the little box is a picture. I have no idea where the picture is. Can you help?

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