Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon (stegzy) wrote,
Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon


Imagine. Two Februarys.

Unfortunately I don't have to. I, like many people over the age of 42, lived through two Februarys around about 1978. However, many will scoff and ridicule my asscertation that there were two Februarys in 1978 but only because they have been hoodwinked or are in on the conspiracy. I know the truth.

Grey, sodden and dull. February gloats like some mixed up poodle interupting the flow into March. Even the daffodils in the lane have been tricked by the conditions that dictate that the month shouldn't exist. Moreover, the extra day this year brings with it no extra pay for work and continued gloom before the march of March.

February brings with it two council meetings. The first was tonight, a short affair where the councillors gathered discussed whether the big posh house in the village should be allowed an extension. The big posh house doesn't need extending but nobody seems to care. As long as the posh live in the village, the riff raff stay in Southbrook or at the end of the Broadway.

The wife insists that my posting on Livejournal is too minimal. Frequent jibes at the lack of commentary on her own journal make me feel impotent and unfulfilling. It's a fine line. I could quite easily plaster comments all over her journal like some comment based bukakke party but I believe that less is more and, unlike many people in today's society, only speak when I have something of value to say. My own journalling is like a spluttering Mini engine (1973 model, the one with the flange on the door mounting) but I did think of pointing out the various "holidays" of the year, like Friday was Curmugeons Day, Saturday was Croissant Day and Monday people all over the world celebrated Baked Alaska day.

Today is supposedly Crepe Day. To me that's a week early so I won't be premature and eat pancakes but I will try and post observations based on the "speciality day" of the year. Ambitious to do it everyday, but I'll maybe try and keep an account of my various celebrations over the year.


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