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The Existential Compost

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8th March 2016

March of March @ 21:09

The beard didn’t last but due to post pubescence neither did the smooth baby bum face.

I now no longer have a beard; I am not a hipster.

The other weekend, wife and I went to Coton Manor Gardens in Northamptonshire. I think if I had a massive house with beautiful gardens I too would charge people £3.50 (out of season) to have a mooch around. As it happens, I live in a tiny house with a beautiful garden. I think comparatively, I should charge people £1 to have a mooch around. It has impressive weeds and interesting concrete features.

Linked.in was always a go to place for me to find work. I’m rapidly realising that I would loath working with many of the people on my “connections”. I cringe when people become all “corporate” and “product” orientated and some of the job titles people give themselves make me glad I voluntarily reject that lifestyle and mentality. Especially as, with each budget, it seems I’ll be able to retire when I’m in my 90s if it continues. The thought of working in an environment like that is just soul destroying.

Had a rib eye steak tonight. I’d been looking forward to it since the weekend. Sadly it was rancid by the time I’d taken it out of the wrapping, cooked it and cut a piece off to eat. In the end, the wife and I nipped out to Waitrose where I obtained a fresher but slightly less glamorous sirloin.

I attended a lecture about cuts of beef a few years ago which taught me a lot about the various cuts of beef. The best being the spider steak (so called because the fat looks like a spider, or so I’m told) and that the level of marbling in the steak indicates the level of flavour. Back in the day, leaner steak was more expensive than fattier steak, purely led by the surge towards cutting fat in the diet and in some “cheaper” supermarkets this is still the case. Waitrose is wise to this and make the fattier pieces more expensive while the leaner pieces of meat tend to be “standard” prices.

Oh marketing. Oh lifestyles. What wicked relatives you are.

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Date:9th March 2016 12:31 (UTC)
Adorable Quincy

I hope the beard will be back soon, I like hipster Stegzy

I think we should up it to £1.50 to take into account the catio and full oil tank in the garden
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Date:10th March 2016 09:44 (UTC)
Ah - marbling! In his youth, the 1930's, my dad worked in an abattoir so he told me to buy meat with yellow fat and plenty of marbling because that beef would have a better flavour. All those pale pink monstrosities in supermarkets don't tempt me and I buy from the local butchers.

However, this is where you may snigger, I also slap meat in the freezer when I buy it! When it is defrosted and you cook it it will be more tender.

Mr W has a beard so I'm a biased although I did find the ZZ Top style of face fungus a trifle offputting!

The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour