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Of Pools, Pubes and Polls

March turned out to be better than February could ever be. For one it wasn't February but ulitmately it was a month of busy weekends.

I don't usually like busy weekends. I like to relax on a Sunday. Get my homework done before school on Monday. Yes, at 42 I still have that Sunday anxiety. I'm only less stressed by Sunday because That's Life isn't on any more.

A trip to Liverpool was also had in March. I took Zoefruitcake to New Brighton for a day trip while my olds cooked dinner. New Brighton used to be a popular "seaside" (more estuary side) resort, much akin to Llandudno, Blackpool or, indeed, old Brighton. At one point it had a tower, a winter gardens, a pier and an amusement park. Gradually, however, things went wrong, people stopped coming, opting for more exotic places like Torremelinos, the tower burnt down (and was turned into luxury flats), the pier was washed away (and was turned into luxury flats), the winter gardens were given a bit of a down sizing (to make way for luxury flats) and the amusement park caught fire, got flooded, almost got sold to developers hoping to build luxury flats, was restored and then caught fire again and was restored once more by what one can only describe as a troupe of travelling carnival ride owners who now want to settle in some nice seaside luxury flats.

It does still have a castle and a lighthouse though (with planning permission pending for luxury flats).

Other events included, Easter.

Easter was pleasant. There was a moment when the expensive vegan chocolate I ordered for the Fruitcake nearly didn't arrive. But now she has at least a years supply of chocolate thanks to panic buying and late deliveries. So that should last her until Friday next week.

We also visited the Kelmarsh Show. We opted to go on the Sunday, arguing that with it being Easter Sunday, there would be nicer weather and less people. It was slightly busy but it was windy and cold though. Saw lots of nommy food and interesting stalls which, had I been wealthy, I would no doubt have spent a fortune in. Cakes, pies, jams, chutneys, hats, coats and even guns and walking sticks were available. A shame I had only £10. The show was rained off on the Monday so I think we were lucky. Roll on Hollowell in July!

In other website news, the music project has finally reached "G". I've been scared of G because I had a lot (30) of albums titled "Gothic Music Compiliation". After some determined digital spring cleaning, I managed to reduce them to one. However, I then realised I had a lot of albums titled "Greatest Hits". I expect to reach "H" some time in August.


Took a trip to West Wycombe to see the Hell Fire Caves. Curiously they're laid out very similarly to the Shell Grotto in Margate and Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool. I mused on whether anyone else had noticed the similarities. Probably not.

Anyway, it was during our visit I became aware of how people these days seem to just race through attractions like this without actually reading or listening to the information provided, finding out why these things are here, how they were built and why and I wondered also if people enjoy being fucking ignorant.


It's election time in Parish Council environs. It's an odd time. I have to fill in about 10 forms and hand deliver them (by appointment) before April 7th. I have little time left. One of the questions the form asks for is my electoral roll number. I didn't know it. I do now. I was so fucking ignorant. I enjoyed being so.


Please watch this:

Do you shave your intimate bits?

Mind your own business
I am allergic to pubes
I am offended by pubes
I don't believe in the existence of pubes
Pubes are against my religion

Do you know your electoral roll entry number?

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