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Some years back I went to see Tommy Steele at the Liverpool Empire with Previous-Mrs-Gnomepants, my mum and my dad. It was a Christmas present to my olds based on how much my mum liked Tommy Steele. During the show, this old geezer came on stage, sang a bit, then everyone clapped and we went home. I later found out that the old geezer was Tommy Steele.

Some years back I went to see the surviving members of Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. I went on my own because Previous-Mrs-Gnomepants didn't like them. These old geezers came on stage. Tuned all the instruments, did a sound check by singing a bit, then  everyone clapped and went home. I later found out that the old geezers on stage were Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

Some years back I went to see Yes. Old geezers, on stage. Doing singing and being energetic. I knew they were Yes. I'd obsessed about them long enough.

Recently I have been writing my other blog, my Music Project (stegzysmusic) and listening to a whole load of bands and stuff. Some bands are goth, others metal and punk. I have been thinking of how the likes of Fields of Nephilim's Carl McCoy is now approaching his mid-fifties and it wont be too long before he reaches his sixties and beyond. I wonder, will he, when he is in his seventies (like Yes' Steve Howe) be performing Nephilim songs with his distinctive growls? How about those Scandenavian bands? Death growls aplenty. Will they too be performing late into their autumn years?

On Sunday, Zoe and I walked through Peasome Park in Scarborough and we saw a poster advertising a gig by Showaddywaddy. You might remember Showaddywaddy for their 1976 hit Under the Moon of Love, you might not. That aside, I related to the wife how I imagined some sixty pluser being quite excited at the prospect of seeing their performance:

Old dear Oooh I remember Showaddywaddy, their song wur playin' when I met your granddad. We danced and he kissed me.
Young grandchildAww that's nice gran

I then turned to a similar scenario forty years from now:

Futuristic Old dear Oooh I remember that Shakira, her song wur playin' when I met your granddad. We twerked, we went down an alley and had a shag, I didn't get his name
Young grandchildSTFU you old cow, I'm busy absorbing vacuous celebrity gossip through my nasal internet implant

I fear for the future of humanity.


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